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Polymathics Finance is a collection of blog entries that will attempt to demystify personal finance, and empower people who want to learn how to manage their money. We hope the content found on this site is useful to anyone attempting to learn about budgeting, investing, and personal finance as we attempt to share what we’ve learned (and continue to learn).

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Mutual Funds & ETFs

Used interchangeably, Index Funds, Mutual Funds, and ETFs (exchanged traded funds) can be confusing for the new investor. They all provide instant diversification, packaged in such a way that allows you to access multiple stocks at the same time. They can be actively managed or they can track a preconfigured index. Actively managed ETFs orContinue reading “Mutual Funds & ETFs”

UTMA Custodial Accounts

I received the following message from my cousin a couple of days ago : [REDACTED] was gifted $100. Of course she doesn’t get the value. Instead of blowing it all on Barbie I was thinking about trying this whole investing thing. What would you recommend? The UGMA, or Uniform Gift to Minors Act, was passedContinue reading “UTMA Custodial Accounts”

The Why

I am young enough to have several years ahead of me before retirement, but old enough to preface conversations with “back when I was your age” when lecturing to my teen-aged daughter as I tell her to get off my lawn. This is probably a horrible way to describe that, mostly because she hates beingContinue reading “The Why”

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